IT management

IT management: interim/part-time/coaching


Our highly experienced consultants love a challenge, and are seasoned in line- and interim management. We can manage a department or program temporarily, or act as a part time IT manager.

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Your organization will realize the desired digital transformations, without the costs of a full time IT manager. When considered useful, we will use the BusinessITScan®, to rapidly get an integral view of the organization and it's information technology.


A fresh and thorough outsider works temporarily in your organization, to realize your objectives. Part time or interim.


We agree upon the role beforehand: do we temporarily lead the IT activities full-time or part-time, or do we coach the current IT manager.



"Within a short time frame, the interim IT Manager has made an inventory of the organizational and technical situation. Based on his recommendations, our board of directors has made clear choices: which initiatives contribute to the success of our organization, and which don’t? With the extensive experience he had with IT integrations after takeovers, a solid plan has been made to realize an almost flawless transition."

Peter Meyer
COO of PartsPoint Group / Brezan



"It was a good decision to work with a part time interim IT-manager. Relevant projects have been realized, our digital strategy has been determined clearly with the Six IT Success Factors, ánd our colleagues have evolved well!"

Aart Vollenhoven
CFO of Nedmag



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Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. If desired, we can arrange for you to explore the options for your organisation with one of our consultants or refer you to a partner.


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