BusinessITScan® improves IT satisfaction & speeds up transformation

The six IT success factors for digital transformation  


The BusinessITScan® is the ultimate solution to measure and improve the success of IT within your organization. This unique online tool shows you how users experience your IT, and the attention points and opportunities. This saves your time and money, and ensures you can start improving directly.


Improve productivity and innovation

with the 360° BusinessITScan®

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 ✓ Focus your IT more on your business

 ✓ Get a complete insight in IT satisfaction, strengths and weaknessess

 ✓ Directly receive clear recommendations for weaknessess

 ✓ Directly receive improvement proposals from your internal stakeholders

 ✓ Specify priorities and actions rapidly

 ✓ Avoid long and expensive consulting

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Clients about the BusinessITScan®

BusinessITScan - Asics

BusinessITScan - Asics

"The six IT success factors in the BusinessITScan® gave complete and supplementary 360-degree insight into the IT satisfaction and the collaboration between Business and IT in EMEA. Our internal IT clients and IT staff made useful proposals to improve productivity and innovation. As a result, our vision, strategy and approach set in 2018, “IT is more than technology” has further been strengthened. 'We like to move IT'!"

Edwin Idema
IT Director EMEA of Asics
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BusinessITScan - Mind the digital gap

"It was my objective to collect (critical) feedback of our internal customers of IT. The tool generated a dashboard and detailed report with recommendations, based on their inputs. It was very powerful to collect so many insights in such a short time frame!"

Jaco Reitsma
CTO of Terberg Business Mobility

BusinessITScan - Nedmag

"The BusinessITScan® gave us clear strategic directions and practical feedback from our colleagues. As a result, we have implemented various improvements in the meanwhile."

Aart Vollenhoven
CFO of Nedmag
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BusinessITScan - Mind the digital gap

"With 38 colleagues of our stores and various departments of our central organization, we used the BusinessITScan®. The realtime dashboard and report with recommendations provided us with clear insights in the IT satisfaction and the points for improvement, within a very short timeframe."

Jeroen van den Bruele
IT Manager of Shoeby

BusinessITScan - Van der Linden

"After our rapid growth, we found it the right moment to take a critical look at our organization, processes and ICT. We didn't want an analysis of months, we wanted to take make clear improvements. The BusinessITScan® of IT's Teamwork gave us quick insight into the IT satisfaction and improvement points for our processes and ICT. We are on track!"

John van der Linden
IT and Information manager, owner of Van der Linden Transport - Warehousing - Transshipment
Read more in the case study (pdf) 

BusinessITScan - Mind the digital gap

"With the BusinessITScan® we collected easy and direct insights in topics considered relevant by 'the business' and the IT department. The results were quick and easy to link back so that, among other things, the IT strategy definition process proceeded more easily and with more buy-in."

Bart-Jan van Beckhoven
Group IT Director of Low and Bonar



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