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Due Diligence, Merger & Acquisition


Our economies are changing, and organizations need to adapt even faster than before. A merger or acquisition can be an effective business strategy. There’s a lot at stake for the buying and the acquired organization.  



Digital and IT facilities are the backbone of many organizations. Yet these are often not or insufficiently assessed prior to a transaction. For various parties, we were already involved in the DD phase with or without BusinessITScan®. This always provided valuable insights for the valuation and follow-up steps. 

After the transaction, proper IT integration or IT unbundling is crucial to create the intended value.

IT’s Teamwork has a proven record in successfully managing IT integration and IT disentanglement projects for clients in both a national and international context. Our seasoned consultants can assist your organization with pre- and post acquisition situations with leadership, a practical project approach and attention to detail. 




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IEX Media is a subsidiary of IEX Group, a Euronext Amsterdam listed company. IEX Media is a media company that has been producing, distributing and operating financial and investment content under its own brands through cross media channels since 1999. "Since I have not been in this position for very long as CEO, I wanted to get independent and knowledgeable insight into the status of our subscription and publishing system CSI. I can recommend such an assessment to any organization!"

Mark Termeer
CEO van de IEX Group
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BusinessITScan - Floriway

After the acquisition by Floriway, De Winter Logistics, Van Zaal Transport and Wematrans can jointly build a more efficient supply chain, with the aim of offering customers greater convenience and service. "It is very valuable to see that the three companies understand and adopt Anton's advice for the core application, and that we can now continue to work on building the new company Floriway. We are not there yet, but we are definitely on our way!".

Toon Vos
CEO of Floriway
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BusinessITScan - PartsPoint

"Within a short time frame, the interim IT Manager has made an inventory of the organizational and technical situation. Based on his recommendations, our board of directors has made clear choices: which initiatives contribute to the success of our organization, and which don’t? With the extensive experience he had with IT integrations after takeovers, a solid plan has been made to realize an almost flawless transition."

Peter Meyer
COO of PartsPoint Group / Brezan
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