CEO Floriway about the integration of processes and systems by IT's Teamwork


Customer case IT integration: interview with CEO

Floriway: joined forces in floriculture

After the acquisition by Floriway, De Winter Logistics, Van Zaal Transport and Wematrans can jointly build a more efficient supply chain, with the aim of offering customers greater convenience and service.

CEO Toon Vos is a.o. responsible for strategy, integration and IT.

Guidance of the IT selection process

Anton Dijkhuis of IT's Teamwork has been asked to guide the IT selection as an independent consultant.

Additional challenging characteristics of this integration

In most integration projects, there is one purchasing organisation that expands its activities. In such a scenario, the processes, people and systems of the purchasing organisation are usually leading. In this case, three quite similar organisations were merged.

It was therefore important to make a puzzle with the three acquired organisations: where do the business activities complement each other well, and which of the existing business applications are suitable to facilitate all business activities in the future?

Value proposition of Floriway as floriculture specialist

In a number of workshops, the value proposition was translated into key principles for future processes and systems.

System selection approach

In a number of workshops with the integration team, the process experts and, where necessary, the applicable IT suppliers, the processes and systems have been aligned. Anton says: "That was quite a sensitive process: all colleagues have worked hard for years on their companies and IT systems. That's what made the three companies grow, and set them apart from their competitors. Because of the integration, we are laying this open to each other and we are going to make choices for common processes and systems, in order to create one even stronger floriculture transporter. As you will understand, this goes beyond just bits and bytes: understandable human sentiments also play a role."

On our way together

Toon Vos: "It is very valuable to see that the three companies understand and adopt Anton's advice for the core application, and that we can now continue to work on building the new company Floriway. We are not there yet, but we are definitely on our way!".



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